Friday, July 26, 2013

Surly Straggler

For some reason, I think one of the coolest new bikes I've seen debuting at Saddle Drive this year is the Surly Straggler. I really can't explain why, because its basically just a Cross Check with disc brakes and  the Long Haul Trucker's dropouts, but I think it's awesome. Maybe I just love the glittery purple paint job, maybe it's those killer new Surly Knard tires in 700x41c (I hope they'll fit on my Nature Boy), maybe it's just the fact that it has STI levers instead of bar-end shifters... but for some reason it looks like a completely different bike and I really like it. I'm also glad they followed All-City's lead and added the rust-resistant E.D. coating to the interior of the tubing on all their new bikes.

More info about the Straggler and the other 2014 additions to the Surly lineup here.

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